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Translab Technologies is a leading Cloud Solution Provider. Helping small to large enterprises intelligently adopt cloud. We power customers transformation with our proved unique approach which basically involves Assesment, Advise, Design Build, Automate, Optimize and Manage through comprehensive Professional and Managed Services. We deliver reliable end-to-end solutions, promising innovation, quality, and speed that our clients expect.

Cloud Journey

Every organization is at a different stage on their Cloud transformation journey. Translab Technologies offers a consultation service to learn about your business and assess your current IT infrastructure. Based on your future business needs, we create a Cloud transformation roadmap to give you a clear idea in terms of where and how to start your journey.

  • AssessmentOpen or Close

    Helps you and us get a comprehensive, unprejudiced and sensible assessment of the state of your technology ecosystem. Which can lead in to a profitable adoption & application of best-fit cloud for your business needs.

  • AdviseOpen or Close
  • DesignOpen or Close
  • BuildOpen or Close
  • AutomateOpen or Close
  • OptimizeOpen or Close
  • ManageOpen or Close

Cloud Choices

  • Public CloudOpen or Close

    We are associated with multiple best public cloud organizations. We maintain deep expertise in all them Azure, AWS, Alibaba and Google. So carefully evaluate a requirement from all angles and provide the most optimum solution.

  • Private CloudOpen or Close
  • Hybrid CloudOpen or Close
  • Cloud StorageOpen or Close

Cloud Solutions

  • SAP HanaOpen or Close

    Bring SAP-certified cloud infrastructure to your mission-critical SAP HANA workloads.

  • BlockchainOpen or Close
  • DevOpsOpen or Close
  • ServerlessOpen or Close
  • ContainerizationOpen or Close
  • BigData and AnalyticsOpen or Close
  • IoTOpen or Close

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Migration FactoryOpen or Close
  • Cloud Managed ServicesOpen or Close
  • Cloud Professional ServicesOpen or Close
  • Cloud Cybersecurity ServicesOpen or Close

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