Infrastructure Modernization

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Composable Infrastructure

We abstract all your datacentre resources (compute, storage and networking) from their underlying physical form and manage them through code to be deployed for any and all application needs on-demand. This allows IT teams to deploy resources quickly for any type of workload via a single pane of glass.

Free Infrastructure from Silos

Composable Infrastructure does away with single-purpose appliance to reduce CapEx and overprovisioning and streamline IT operations.

Automate IT Operations

Infrastructure is defined and deployed through lines of code, thereby, increasing productivity and reducing effort and cost.

Cloud-like Agility and Scale On-Premise

As the required infrastructure is composed precisely and near- instantaneously, on-premise application and service delivery can be done on-demand.

Get Started with DevOps

Composable Infrastructure provides a developer-oriented infrastructure where they can continuously build, test and deploy applications.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

We unify compute, virtualisation, storage, networking and security into a single solution that can be deployed and scaled without running into management complexities or its performance bottlenecks. This allows organisations to combine the speed and ease of the public cloud with the security and control of on-prem infrastructure.

Predictable Scalability and Performance

HCI enables organisations to scale performance and capacity linearly without any performance roadblock, overprovisioning or interruption.

Build Hybrid Cloud

Hyperconverged Infrastructure combines the speed and ease of the public cloud with the security and control of on-prem infrastructure.

Centralise Remote Office & Branch Office (ROBO) IT

HCI allows organisations to run applications in remote offices locally but manage and monitor them.

Guaranteed Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Organisations are assured of availability and resiliency in case a component, node, rack or even an entire datacentre fails.

Global Data Management

We provide a single platform to combine backup, instant restore, disaster recovery, archival, search, governance and copy data management across datacentres and clouds. Break free from data silos and have a unified system of record.

Ransomwave Protection

Quickly recoup recuperate from ransomware attacks and restore files to the most recent clean versions.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Single solution to solve three distinct problems: Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival.

Cloud Mobility

Protect both your cloud-native and on-premise apps by archiving to public cloud.

Instant Data Recovery

Recover lost data in seconds, not hours, and retain your customers business.

Global Visibility & Control Data

Prevent data fragmentation through unified system of record and gain valuable business insights.

Modern Work Place

With the need for teams to collaborate across geographies, organisations want to make business applications available to employees securely anywhere, anytime, any device. Reduce TCO and improve employee satisfaction through BYOD.

Application Delivery

Reduce cost and improve productivity for frontline employees by application virtualisation.

End Point Provisioning & Authentication

Rapidly roll out desktops and applications to new employees and monitor system status of existing ones.

Two Factor Authentication

Protect your employees from phishing attacks by introducing a second layer of security.

Detailed Auditing & Logging

Keep thorough track of user activities and prevent insider attacks.